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Tee Times:

Halifax Bradley Hall Golf Club

Tuesday 14th May 2019

10.00am onward


  • Senior Championship

    Competition Format - Stroke play over 18 holes

    Entry is limited to Players who are aged 55 or over on the day of the competition. The definition of Players is set out in Rule 5 of the Rules relating to competitions and matches.

    Dependant on the venue, entry may be limited to such a number as the Executive Committee determine If the number of entries exceeds any such limit a ballot will be held to decide which of the higher handicap Players are to be excluded.

    The Player returning the lowest gross score will be ’The Seniors’ Stroke Play Champion’ and will hold the ‘Championship Trophy’ for a year.

    Any three Players from the same club who return the lowest aggregate gross score will be the Senior Team Champions and will hold the ‘Senior Team Trophy’ (presented by Mr. G. Horrocks-Taylor) for a year. In the event of a tie, the Senior Team Champions will be decided by reference to the lowest individual gross score in each team.

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