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Dear Member,
Gordon A-col
It only seems like yesterday that I was approached by Stuart Naylor with regard to joining the Executive Committee, but it was in fact 2015. After becoming a member of the executive
, I have endeavoured to understand the ways in which the HHDUGC works and performs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Now having a better understanding of how the Union and Executive works, will I hope, enable me to serve you all in this coming year as your President.

Having been a Club Captain on two previous occasions (2004 & 2015), firstly at Laceby Manor GC (Lincolnshire), and then again at Halifax West End GC, I will hopefully be able to call upon my experiences during those years and put them to good use in 2019.

When I was approached by Vice President Chris Naylor with a view to becoming President-Elect for 2018, and President 2019, it was with humility and great pride that I accepted the nomination of the Vice and Past Presidents for the role.

I am glad to say that the decision made by my predecessor John Lawrence, regarding his appointment of John Turner as CEO of Teams, and Frank Greaves as Team Manger has provedto be a very wise one, based on the achievements of both our Senior & Junior Teams during the last season. It is my intention to continue with the same arrangements for 2019.

I congratulate Andrew Taylor from Crosland Heath Golf Club on his nomination as President Elect for 2019 (President 2020) and look forward to working with him closely during the next year.

My thanks must also go to the members of the Executive Committee, in whatever role they hold, who work tirelessly behind the scenes, to ensure that we as a union strive to move in the right

direction for all our Member Clubs.

Thanks also go to our sponsors who contribute generously in many ways, during the course of the year, and enable us to carry on with our various competitions. and progress golf throughout this Union.

And last but not least, my greatest thanks must go to my wife Judith for her unwavering support in all of my various pursuits.

I hope as Individuals and Member Clubs we can continue to move forward in 2019, to further promote the HHDUGC.

Gordon Abernethy, President 2019.