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20/04/18 2018 Handbook distributed to each club at the "Meeting With The Clubs", 8.00pm at Bradley Park GC 19th April - can be downloaded from "Policies & Rules", "Handbook" page..... The HHDUGC Officials and Member Club Details pages have been updated....
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21/05/18 All but 2 Handicap League Week 1 results added to the relevant Handicap Section pages... 21/05/18 All Scratch League Week 1 results added to the relevant Scratch Section pages... 21/05/18 All Junior League Week 4 results added to the relevant Junior Section pages... 19/05/18 ERRORS CORRECTED ON JUNIOR FOURSOMES page - 1st round date is 21st May, 2nd round is 4th June...
17/03/18 All "Competitions" pages updated for 2018....
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20/05/18 Junior Team result v York added... 14/05/18 Junior Team result v Sheffield added... 11/05/18 Junior Team result v Teesside added...

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John Lawrence

(Marsden &

Bradley Park GC)

HHDUGC President 2018

Dear Member,

It seems a long time since in 1994 I responded to an article by Stan Townsend in the Examiner calling for volunteers to put something back into golf by getting elected to the Executive. To my surprise, I was elected, soon becoming involved in the Handbook, Annual Dinner and various positions in competitions, before taking over from Gary Blakely as Secretary in 1999. I subsequently assisted 20 Presidents and I now find myself one of THEM! I have no regrets.

Over the past few years, incoming Presidents have deliberated over their choice of Union Team Captain/Manager. Last year John Turner selected Frank Greaves and has done a great job to build a good relationship with him and foster a good feeling among the Team. I have asked John to carry on this good work into 2018 and extend his role to be responsible for all IDU Team matters, including Coaching etc. I am delighted to say that John has accepted the challenge. I believe putting IDU matters under one roof will provide great benefit to team performances. It will give stability and good feedback throughout the structure and provide solid support to the Junior management team of Tommy Ward and Chris Naylor, who with very limited resources have achieved much.

I congratulate Gordon Abernethy on being nominated President–Elect for 2018 (President 2019) and look forward to working with him and John Turner. Hopefully, 2017 will run smoothly into 2018 and bring with it some much deserved success in all fields.

Without the support of a hardworking Executive over the past 20 years, I would not be in the position I am today and I extend my grateful thanks to them all. I particularly thank all of our Sponsors for their generous support, as without them we would be restricted on many of our activities, not least of all team dress.

My greatest thanks, however, must go to my wife who has supported me in all my pursuits.

Let us all go forward into 2018 and promote this great Union of Golf Clubs.

John Lawrence, President 2018.


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